terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012


1.A phrase sarcastically used to indicate one´s disgust or indifference towards a tl; dr ( too long; didn´t read) story.* Person A: (lenghty tale about how person A tragically broke up with his/her mate the other day).
Person B: " Cool story bro! 
2.An appropriate response to a story that went nowhere and/or was completely uninteresting.
* " This one time me and my brother were eating sandwishes and he was like ' dude, I hate mustard' and I was like 'yeah!' "
"Cool story bro."
3. Saying commonly used when sayer is listening to someone talk to him and doesn´t really care.
* " So this one time we were sledding down a hill and we totally got broke."
" Cool story bro."

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