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Generally speaking, “bitch” describes a mean, cruel woman, or someone unreasonable, difficult, rude, aggressive, malicious, and spiteful. 

*God, that girl in the store totally yelled at me when I just asked a simple question. What a total bitch! 
*He is such a nice guy, and she’s such a heartless bitch for dumping him.

In English we also have the adjective “bitchy”. This one is used to describe someone who is irritable, moody and whiny.
Wow, she sure is in a bitchy mood today! Probably on her period. [lots of guys tend to say this one!]

“Bitch” can also be a verb:  to bitch. As such, it means excessive complaining, repeatedly ragging and whining about something over and over, therefore destroying the point you were trying to make and making you look like a complete bitch because no one is listening to you.

*Stop your damn bitching! Nobody wants to hear it!

 The term has various other meanings as in:
*Life is a bitch ! (= Life sucks!)

*You're my bitch now! (= You're my doormat now!)
*What's up bitches? (What's up, guys?)

Speaker 01: Go make me a sandwich. 
Speaker 02: I’m not your bitch! (=I'm not your maid.)

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