quinta-feira, 29 de maio de 2014


 (slang) Shoes, specially sneakers. The very expensive and stylish kind.

Here's the original PUMPED UP KICKS:

( NOTE: check the round orange basketball like PUMP logo on the 'tongue' of the sneaker. As you squeeze it the sneaker fills out with air and feels more comfortable )

*The original Reebok Pump was released in 1989, as a basketball high-top shoe. The shoe was quite expensive compared to other retail athletic shoes at the time, often costing as much as 150% more than the next most expensive athletic shoe on the market. It became something of a status symbol on urban basketball courts and eventually in suburban high schools.
Source: Wikipedia

Nowadays the cost is still  too much and most people don't wear it anymore so when you hear PUMPED UP KICKS people refer to expensive sneakers in general.

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